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Aroma is a Middle Eastern imbiss located in Oeder Weg. They offer typical Arabic dishes such as Hoummus, Falafel, Shawarma, Halloumi and other ones with aubergine 😉

There are a number of oriental imbiss in Frankfurt, however I think it’s one of the best here!

  • Where?

It takes about five minutes from each U-bahn station – Grüneburgweg, Musterschule and Glauburgstraße.

  • Atmosphere & interior

When you arrive, first of all you would be surprised how many people are around, and how casual the shop looks. At first sight it looks like a kiosk with homeless people around.

They cook inside and serve through the counter. So the tables and chairs are all located outside (not so many). If you decide to eat there, it would be worth considering that there is a waiting queue right next to you so it’s surely loud, and that it’s not the cleanest place in the world as there are pigeons around.

If you are very picky about those things, it would be clever to go for take away.

I had an impression that most of the people who were in the queue chose to take away, which I find cleverer. But we live not so close to Oeder Weg, and also we wanted to enjoy the food as fresh as possible, so we ate there.

The large table in the middle with a parasol had a relatively acceptable level of cleanness. I guess, people waiting in the queue here are attracted by the taste and the price of this shop. Also it’s cool that it’s vegetarian friendly here.

  • How busy?

We (two adults) have visited here around 19:30 on a weekday (but the next day was a bank holiday).

It had a nice chilling atmosphere with a lot of young people with beer in hand. I think we waited at least 15 minutes in the queue. If you are not a big fan of waiting, it might not be a right place for you.

Last time when we visited here was during lunch time on Saturday. We didn’t know that it opens at 14:00 and we’ve arrived about 10 minutes earlier. We’ve waited for a while, but there was apparently a technical issue on the shop side, so it didn’t open punctually.

Still, there were more and more people coming and the queue was getting longer and longer.

We’ve waited 20 minutes further, but finally gave up and went to our favorite pizzeria Super Bro’s nearby. Such experience is not nice, you know. The queue is also a kind of chaotic, so you would need a bit of patience.

  • Opening hours (Öffnungszeiten)

Monday – Friday: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 2:00 pm – 9.00 pm

  • Service

After we ordered, it took about 10 minutes until they were ready for pick up at the counter.

  • What we ordered

① Falafel Auberginen Scheiben 5 EUR

② Falafel Hoummus Teller 9 EUR

※ There seems to be no official website, but you could refer to here.

Here is the menu (Speisekarte) at the counter:

① was really good. Also it costs only 5 Euros. It might be an average price for an imbiss, but still, falafel balls were nicely crispy and the other ingredients such as pita bread, juicy aubergine slices, and sauce were very tasty too.

Because of its taste and the quality, I was somehow convinced about the queue.

② was also excellent, but it was apparently for two people. Besides that two breads were served, the amount was also quite a lot. It would have been kind if they could specify on the menu that it’s for two people.

Although the price is obviously more than others, but we thought that it’s just like a premium dish.

  • Review

I think Aroma would be one of the best arabic imbiss in Frankfurt, in terms of taste, quality and price.

Personally, I would visit here regularly if they made here a lot more comfortable – like providing an option to sit inside, improving the cleanness and shortening the waiting time. For that, I think the price can be slightly increased.

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