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African Queen is an African restaurant, which serves especially Eritrean cuisine. There are several African restaurants in Frankfurt, but it is one of the most popular ones here.

  • Where?

It’s located in Bahnhofsviertel. Only a few minutes walk away from Baseler Platz tram stop, at the corner between Gutleutstraße and Stuttgartertsraße.

  • Atmosphere & interior

I really liked the interiors here – as soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I felt it’s foreign here. I’ve never been to Africa so I cannot precisely tell, but I felt as if I’m standing on the African ground. The interior was mainly with the design of woods and leathers from animals.

  • How busy?

It’s quite spacious inside. We (two adults) have visited here around 13:30 on Saturday without a reservation, but the restaurant was almost empty. Around dinner time it might be very popular here though.

  • Opening hours (Öffnungszeiten)

Monday – Saturday: 11:00 am – 0:00 am
Sunday and bank holidays: 12:00 pm – 0.00 am

  • Service

Everything went smoothly with ordering, serving and paying. The waitress was with a full of hospitality and first of all she has kindly asked us if we have ever tried African foods. We answered no, then she started to explain us all the dishes by showing the menu.

So, it’s perfect here also for those who are not familiar with African dishes.

  • What we ordered

Unsere eritreische Tradition: Von allem ein bisschen auf eine große Platte. Für 2 Personen 30,00 EUR

※ You can check the menu (Speisekarte) here.

There were African beers (local brands and an African exclusive GUINESS) and some cocktails.

Dishes have been served in beautiful plates and bowls in typical African vivid colors, which made us impressed.

There were four vegetarian dishes on the left side. Some of them were based on chic peas and tasted a bit like Indian curry with nicely strong spice and garlic tastes. There was also the one with spinach and potatoes. I found them tasty.

If you are a fan of Indian dishes, these would be a right choice for you 😉

There were meat dishes on the right side – a) cooked chicken with bones and boiled egg in a spicy sauce, which is similar to curry b) lamb and vegetables cooked in sause similar to curry c) grilled beef and vegetables.

I found c) the best among meat dishes and the waitress also said that this is one of the most popular one among locals too.

The four spices on the left side consist of three spices in powder and one in paste. This paste tasted something truly new for me. I thought this must be the taste of Africa, because other dishes tasted all somewhat similar to Indian or Arabic cuisines and were not completely new to me.

On the upper left there is a thin and soft bread. The waitress said that this is so called Sauerteig. Due to the lactic acid bacterium it tastes a bit souer. I know this must be healthy, but unfortunately didn’t like the taste so much.

The amout might look large from the photo, but the plate was quite shallow, so it’s not that much indeed.

The waitress told us that locals eat them all with hands (put dishes onto the bead with a hand, roll it and eat). We, however, ate them with folks etc. of course 😉

  • Review

We have visited this restaurant for the first time and got a positive impression. The interior looks cool and the waitress was very kind. I’m not sure if it’s authentic, but I strongly guess so, as all the people working there looked Africans.

If somebody ask you “do you know any nice African restaurant in Frankfurt?” I think it must be pretty right to answer “African Queen” 😉

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