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Dim Sum Haus is a authentic Chinese restaurant, which mainly serves Cantonese dishes. There are such a wide range of Dim Sum that you would forget that it’s in Germany here 😉

Of course, there are many other dishes other than Dim Sum, such as fried or pot dishes.

In terms of vegetarian options, it might be not so friendly here. Most of dishes contain meat or seafoods. It’s a very authentic restaurant that it must be very popular not only among Chinese / Hong Konger / Taiwanese but also among Japanese who love Chinese dishes.

I got an impression that there are more Eastern Asian customers than Germans. I think all the shop persons are from Chinese speaking countries.

  • Where?

It’s only about five minutes walk from Konstablerwache. The location might be not that obvious, so for the first time it might be clearer if you check the map.

It’s in a kind of a small shopping center with some nail salons etc. If you come from Konstablerwache station, you can easily access it from outside.

  • Atmosphere & interior

Apparently they focus more on foods than the interiors. So it’s definitely not the most beautiful restaurant in the world, but foods are really good so I personally don’t care.

Customers range from family, friends, colleagues to others. There are different generations. Most of them seemed to stay here more than an hour and enjoyed foods and conversations slowly.

  • How busy?

You can sit outside as well in summer, so if you are alone or with a company, you wouldn’t need a reservation. We (two adults) went there around 20:00 on Saturday without a reservation and we managed to get a table among the last few left ones.

We might have been only lucky this time though.

  • Opening hours (Öffnungszeiten)

Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Monday: 11:30 am – 10.00 pm

  • Service

The restaurant was almost full, but still we didn’t have to wait so long to order, serve and pay.

  • What we ordered

① Gebratene Nudeln mit Meersfrüchten nach Hongkong Art 14,80 EUR

Fried noodles with seafoods in Hongkong style

② Mapo Tofu

③ Jasmin tea

※ There seems to be no official website, but you could refer to here. You might find some menu (Speisekarte) there too 😉

I really loved ①. As a Japanese, I’m familiar with this taste (it’s one of the most popular Chinese dishes in Japan). Noodles are deep fried, so they are nicely crispy. The transparent sauce has a mild taste and not spicy at all. Several kinds of seafoods and some vegetables such as Pak choi match the sauce very well.

It’s one of my favorite food among all international dishes 🙂

② was a very authentic Mapo Tofu. It’s spicy, and also had a strong taste of typical Chinese spices. It has only tofu and minced meat with a bit of spring onions on top. I personally enjoyed the taste as it fits white rice very well. As far as I remember it costs about 14 Euro.

By the way, the amount of the rice is quite large. It’s very generous here 😉

  • Review

This time we didnt order any Dim Sum, as our dishes made us already full. But if you visit here in a group, I would recommend to order Dim Sum and share.

In this way you will be able to try many different kind of Dim Sum 😉

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