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Cafe Glücklich is a cafe with a lovely atmosphere located in Sachsenhausen.

  • Where?

It’s located about five minutes away by foot from Südbahnhof station. It’s not that noticeable, but there is a simple but cute signboard, so you wouldn’t miss it. During summer there are tables outside as well, so it has a typical cool atmosphere of an European cafe.

Therefore you would notice it even easier (tables are not available outside in winter).

  • Atmosphere & interior

Not only that homemade cakes and drinks are fantastic (it seems that meals are also popular, such as breakfast), but also their interiors are pretty.

Especially the wall on the right side that you see directly at the entrance has a gorgeous wallpaper with colorful flower patterns. So, especially women would be like “wow, so cute!” as soon as you step into the cafe.

When you go further inside, there is another wallpaper with patterns in pastel colors, which gives a bit different atmosphere from the one at the entrance but very lovely.

My favorite is the wallpaper at the entrance and the cake shelf right in front of it. But the area was a bit busy with shop persons and customers waiting for paying, so I missed a chance to take a photo 🙁 If you are curious about how it looks like, I would recommend you to just visit there♪

  • How busy?

For a cafe, it might be relatively spacious inside. But it’s always busy here. Having said that, we were so far able to find a seat every time without waiting.

We (two people) usually visit there around 4 pm on Sundays, and we have an impression that it’s always lively here with a lot of guests no matter what the season is.

It’s located in a convenient location, it’s pretty and seems to be a famous cafe in Frankfurt, so it makes sense though. I’m not sure if they accept a reservation. If you visit here as a group, it could be that you don’t find a seat.

  • Opening hours (Öffnungszeiten)

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

  • Service

Cafe Glücklich is always busy, but it’s comfortable to spend time here, as there are enough spaces between tables. A waitress/waiter tends to notice soon, therefore usually you don’t have to wait for ordering or paying much.

You can go checking the cakes at the shelf on your own and decide what to order. You can ask a waitress/waiter too, but I think it’s clearest when you see it on your own 😉

  • What we ordered

① Schoko Caramel Kuchen

(Chocolate caramel cake)

② Donauwelle

(Traditional German cake. “Welle” means wave in German. On top of the dough made of sour cherry, butter milk and cacao, it has a chocolate coating. It’s characterized by the wave patterns on the chocolate coating on top, which looks like a wave of Donau river. The dough also has two kinds – plain and cacao, which are mixed like a wave and are also associated with Donau river.)

③ Kaffee klein 2,40 EUR

(Coffee small)

④ Maracuja Rhababer Minz Schorle 4,90 EUR

(Passion fruit, rhubarb mint lemonade)

※ The official website is here. Unfortunately the menu (Speisekarte) seems to be currently under construction, however you can get the atmosphere I guess.

I’ve forgot the precise price for a cake, however I’m sure that it costs an average cake price in Frankfurter cafes, which is around 3,50 – 4 EUR.

There are usually at least around four kinds of cakes. There are different kind of cakes here every time.

The biggest hit this time was the chocolate caramel cake! When we chose it, we thought it might be too sweet, as the top layer is made of caramel.

However, the layer below is made of dark chocolate, therefore it harmonized with the sweetness of caramel pretty well. The caramel was not salted, just the classic one. I have tried such a caramel x dark chocolate cake neither here nor at other cafe.

I really liked it, so I would love to try it again. But it could be like the spinach cake at Mola, which I’ve tried only once haven’t been able to see it again so far.

Donauwelle was in a classical style. But it wasn’t too sweet and I liked it. Especially it was nice that the chocolate coating on top was a bit hard/crunchy, and the cream was vanilla cream like custard (similar to German vanilla pudding or vanilla Vla from Holland).

The lemonade with passion fruit, rhubarb and mint is one of the specialty drinks here. It’s very fruity and refreshing sparkling drink with a ton of fresh mint, so it should be perfect for especially hot summer days.

  • Review

It has quite a cute atmosphere here, but there are not only young people but also seniors and families. It gives an impression that it’s loved by all the generations. Not too modern but also not too traditional, which might be the key to be loved by everyone.

It’s a right thing to name here if you are asked where the cute cafe in Frankfurt is 😉

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