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Mola is a cafe with a cozy atmosphere located in Sachsenhausen.

Not only homemade cakes and drinks, but also it seems that they have a breakfast menu as well. I’ve never ordered a meal here, but as far as I saw from others it looked quite good. I would order a meal someday 🙂

There are Turkish cakes and meals too, therefore I assume the owner might be originally from Turkey.

  • Where?

It is located right in front of Südbahnhof station at the exit direction to Affentor Platz/Schweizer Platz. At a glance, you would easily notice it, which looks like a typical European cafe with people sitting outside with a cool atmosphere.

  • Atmosphere & interior

Not only that cakes and drinks are fantastic, but also I like their interiors too. It’s like a casual European style with a simple but lovely combination of colors. It gives a bit of feminine kind of taste as well and such a space where you can fully relax.

With regards to Turkish cakes, I’ve found sometime ago a cake called Istanbul cheese cake, which is a bit different from a known cheese cake. The bottom is made of the sponge or cookie kind of dough, and all the rest is made of plain cream, which tastes rather yoghurt (Quark?) than cheese.

Exactly, about 90% of the cake consists of the yoghurt cream 😉 So far I’ve seen Istanbul cheese cakes here with a taste of stracciatella (something like vanilla with chocolate chips) or raspberry. A piece of cake here is rather large, but it had a plain and light taste so I was able to eat it up.

  • How busy?

Inside of the cafe is small. There are tables outside too, however it’s usually quite busy here and we gave up waiting for seats several times as it was completely full. I’m not sure if they accept a reservation when you have only cakes/drinks, but if you are going for a meal (breakfast, lunch or so) they might accept a reservation.

Usually there are mostly couples, female groups, or mixed groups.

We (two people) usually visit there on Sundays around 4pm, and my impression is that it’s always popular here no matter what the season is. It’s located conveniently, and it seems to be one of the most popular cafe in Frankfurt, so it makes sense.

If you visit there as a group, it’s quite likely that you cannot find seats without making a reservation!

  • Opening hours (Öffnungszeiten)

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 0:00 am
Saturday: 10:00 am – 0.00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am – 7.00 pm

  • Service

There are usually about four kinds of cakes in the fridge inside. These are not written on the menu, therefore you will need to go seeing the fridge and decide what to order.

It’s usually very busy here, so it might be not so comfortable to stay for more than an hour, as your table is often very close to the next table, or you have to share a large table with others. Besides that waiter/waitress don’t easily notice you when you want to order or pay.

Nevertheless, if you visit here with your friend with tons of stuff to talk about, it might not bother you.

  • What we ordered

① Schokoladekuchen Vegan 3,60 EUR

(Chocolate cake Vegan)

It tasted very similar to ordinary chocolate cake. It was rather very classical chocolate cake like Sachertorte – chocolate sponge cake with chocolate coating on top. In between there was a thin layer of something like cherry marmalade. They probably bake it in this way – bake the sponge dough, put the marmalade on it, put the melty chocolate coating further on it and cool it down.

This must be amazing for those who love chocolate, but as I said a piece of cake here is larger than average, so it might be a bit hard to finish it in the end 🙂

② Rüblikuchen Vegan 3,60 EUR

(Carrot cake Vegan)

Carrot cake had a typical plain taste of vegan, especially the cream on top. The dough tasted rather like a classical carrot cake, while the cream tasted very light. I couldn’t tell what milk they used, however I noticed that they have desiccated coconuts in it. It tasted modestly sweet and less fatty.

Personally I like the classical cream, which is animality with a thick and rich taste. In regard with the sweetness, I’m up for the cream with less sweet taste though 🙂

③ Chai Latte Matcha 3,80 EUR

Chai Latte is based on milk obviously, so it makes you easily full, and also it tasted sweet, so with a piece of chocolate cake it was a bit too sweet overall.

However, Chai Latte Matcha has tasted fantastic. If you order only this one without cake, it must be perfect. I was thinking that I don’t really find a cafe in Germany, which offers a Matcha Latte, but Mola has it (although it’s not Matcha Latte but Chai Latte Matcha).

As far as I remember they didn’t have it before, so it might be a limited menu though.

④ Frischer Ingwer Minztee 3,20 EUR

(Fresh ginger Mint tea)

There are quite many kinds here. Fresh ginger mint tea consists of a few slices of fresh ginger and fresh mint leaves with stem in boiled water, as the name literally shows. There is no tea bag in it, so it tastes quite thin. But if you like the natural taste of mint and ginger, I can fully recommend it.

It’s such a natural drink with which you can fully refresh.

※ You can check the menu here. Please note that you cannot find the details for cakes, limited drinks and some others online.

This time there were not so many fruity kinds. There were carrot cake (non-vegan), carrot cake (vegan), chocolate cake (vegan) and apple cake (with apple compote with cinnamon taste inside) in the fridge.

I’m not vegan, however I sometimes eat vegan sweets, as they tend to be less sweet and with lower calorie, and I simply like their light and plain taste.

  • Review

It seem that there are different cakes every day. Whenever we go there, there are some that we know already and others that we haven’t seen. I think Istanbul cheese cake is a specialty here.

This time we haven’t found it, but often there is one from different tastes of Istanbul cheese cake (stracciatella, raspberry or strawberry etc.) whenever we visit.

Sometime ago there was “spinach cake”. Containing spinach was clear from the completely green appearance 🙂 But actually it hardy tasted spinach and it was quite tasty. Nonetheless I haven’t seen it these days. I wonder if it was a limited edition… I would love to try it again.

You would enjoy having a conversation about those piled up topics more thanks to the wonderful atmosphere with pretty interiors, nice drinks and foods. It’s a pity that it’s almost always crowded, but it’s a right thing to name here if you are asked where the cool cafe in Frankfurt is 😉

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