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It’s obvious, but Jamy’s Burger is a burger shop.

There are a lot of burger shops in Frankfurt. Among those here is categorized into quite a casual one. It’s self service and the price level is fair. It would be rather for lunch than dinner as you can casually and quickly have a burger here.

  • Where?

It’s located very convenient area, about five minutes walk from Hauptwache station and even from Dom/Römer tram station it’s just 30 seconds away with foot. The street is called Neue Kräme. It’s a very busy area with not only local pople but also tourist, so many of you might have passed in front of the shop even if you haven’t eaten there.

At a first glance you can see the “Jamy’s Burger” storefront, therefore it should be quite clear that it’s a burger shop.

  • Atmosphere & interior

The shop is large enough with a lot of tables. The interiors is quite modern and has a good taste.

As for the atmosphere of the shop, most of customers are families or groups and they look taking their time eating there. In our case, we usually just have lunch and leave as soon as finished, so we stay only less than one hour.

  • How busy?

Due to its busy location (also should be because of the shop’s popularity), constantly new customers come in. There is almost always a waiting line in front of the cashier.

However, luckily I’ve never had to wait for a table. We (two people) usually visit there on Saturdays around late lunch time (1 – 2 pm) , and it’s usually almost full, but there is always a few tables left and we can sit without waiting thanks to a large space with many tables. Especially summer time you can use the seats outside as well.

If you go there with more than a company, I would recommend to secure a table first and then one of you goes to order. You usually need to wait in the queue around five to 10 minutes in front of the cashier.

They start to cook after you ordered, therefore you will receive a bell and wait at your table for another 15 minutes or so until the bell rings and your fresh burger is ready to be picked up 😉

  • Opening hours (Öffnungszeiten)

Sunday – Thursday: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 12:00 pm – 11.00 pm

  • Service

It’s self service without waiters/waitresses, so I don’t think they accept a reservation.

  • What we ordered

① AvocadoTrip 8,49 EUR

Regionales Angus-Rindfleisch belegt mit Käse, knackigem Salat, Tomaten, roten Zwiebeln, frischen Avocadoscheiben & Jamy‘s hausgemachter Avocado Soße.

(Regional Angus-beef sanded with cheese, crispy lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, fresh avocado slices & Jamy’s homemade avocado sauce.)

② Portobello Cheese 8,99 EUR

Knusprig frittierter Portobello-Riesenpilz gefüllt mit köstlich geschmolzenem Gouda Käse, Salat, Tomaten, karamelisierte Zwiebeln & Jamy‘s hausgemachter Soße.

(Crispy frittered Portobello-big mushroom filled with delicious melty Gouda cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions & Jamy’s homemade sauce.)

③ Colorido Fries 4,49 EUR

Classic Fries mit hausgemachter Avocado Soße, hausgemachter Sour Cream & Tomatenstückchen

(Classic fries with homemade avocado sauce, homemade sour cream & tomato pieces)

※ You can check the menu (Speisekarte) here.

It serves a burger in a very casual style, where you need to hold with your hand and bite it directly. Simple knifes and forks made of pulp come together, but burgers are served wrapped in papers and directly put on the tray without plates, therefore practically you cannot eat a burger with a knife and a fork.

Personally I feel it’s so inconvenient to bite a burger directly, so I much prefer it to be served on a plate and to have it with a knife and a fork. Besides that your hands don’t get messed up and more than anything, it looks way more elegant. If you are going to have a fancy date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or if you go eating with your colleagues/boss, you wouldn’t really want to directly bite a burger 🙂

In such situations it might be cleverer to go to other burger shops.

① is my favorite so I usually order this one every time when I go there. There is a chicken version as well, but personally the burger tastes best with beef. I think the combination of beef and avocado is very good, therefore I like this burger a lot, which is simply made with beef and avocado.

Other burger shops tend to have a beef/avocado burger too, but it often tries to make it so Mexican and has some additional ingredients such as jalapeno, which is not necessary for me. The one from Jamy’s is so simple, it’s just a classic beef burger plus avocado slices and avocado sauce.

It doesn’t include anything unnecessary, so I would recommend it to beef & avocado fans.

② is what my partner has ordered and is for vegetarians. Instead of meat it has something like a croquette filled with mushrooms and cheese. When you bite it, nicely melty cheese comes out of the croquette and it’s delicious, but the amount of cheese might be a bit too much.

Cheese is definitely tasty, but when you eat a lot, you just get bored with the taste.

Having said that, I think the idea is cool and it’s well made with a croquette stuffed with mushroom and cheese, so that you can enjoy a burger without meat in this way.

In regards to fries, Jamy’s has quite a several kinds. There are two more kinds other than classical fries and sweetpotato fries, which is popular among those who is up for low carb – fries with sour cream, crispy bacon and spring onions on top, and fries with avocado sauce, sour cream and tomato pieces on top.

The latter two are very similar to so-called “Poutine*”, which is popular in Canada.

*Poutine is a Canadian specialty, which is fries with sauce and some ingredients on top. I’ve tried the local Poutine in Toronto, but the teste of the sauce was too thick and the amount of the sauce was also too much, and as a consequence fries were wet and not crispy at all anymore.

Thus, honestly it wasn’t something most amazing 🙂 However, I can fully recommend the Poutine-like fries at Jamy’s.

  • Review

Last but not least, I would recommend Jamy’s Burger when you feel like as follows:

Want to eat a burger with a good meat quality casually and quickly; don’t want to spend much; want to choose fries from various choices; it’s fine to bite a burger directly; the shop should be located conveniently in Frankfurt city center…. etc.

If you consider the taste, the quality and the price, I think it serves a great cost performance compared to a lot of burger shops in Frankfurt.

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