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Essen auf… THAI ART is a Thai restaurant. It means like “eat in a Thai style” in English.

  • Where?

This restaurant is located in Oederweg, just five minutes walk from subway station Eschenheimer Tor, where various restaurants/cafe/bars are located.

  • Atmosphere & interior

The concept of the restaurant seems to be contemporary Thai cuisine and bar. That’s probably right, the atmosphere was not exactly like traditional Thai. There are so many Thai restaurants in Germany, but it would be categorized into relatively modern restaurant here.

The size of the restaurant is like, not particularly large, but also not particularly small…

  • How busy?

We (two people) went there on Saturday evening, but we made a reservation in advance at 8 pm. It was almost full, but there were still a few tables available, so I thought we might not have had to reserve.

Nonetheless, it could happen that you have to wait, therefore in case you definitely don’t want to wait, I would recommend to make a reservation.

  • Opening hours (Öffnungszeiten)

Tuesday – Saturday: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Monday: 11:30 pm – 4.30 pm

  • Service

They accept only cash, which I felt quite inconvenient, although waitresses were friendly and fast. It is a restaurant here, but I wonder why they don’t accept cash…

  • What we ordered

① Pa näng pla salmon (pikant) 11,00 EUR

(Pa näng pla salmon − spicy)

Lachsfilet mit rotem Thai Curry, grünen Bohnen, Paprika und gemahlenen Erdnüssen in Kokosmilch

(Salmon filet with red curry, green peas, paprika and crushed peanuts in coconut milk)

② Gäng däng phed (pikant) 9,50 EUR

(Gäng däng phed − spicy)

Knusprige Ente auf rotem Thai-Curry mit Bambussprossen, Paprika, Auberginen und süßem Thai Basilikum in Kokosmilch

(Crispy duck on red curry with bamboo sprout, paprika, eggplants and sweet Thai basil in coconut milk)

※ You can check the menu (Speisekarte) here.

It was our first time to visit here. Our first impression was that the prices are very fair – usually main dishes with seafoods, such as shrimp and salmon are somehow expensive in any restaurants, but even those cost lower than 12 EUR here.

Besides that, it was so quick since we ordered until foods were served that we worried a bit 🙂 These are not like salad or desert, but descent main dishes. Nonetheless, they were served within 10 minutes.

It means, they probably don’t cook after the order came, but each dish (such as salmon, duck, vegetables and curry) would have been already prepared and kept heated. And when the order came in, most likely they would heat up them further, and just put them on the plate quickly and serve.

Regarding the quality of the dishes, they are tasty, but I didn’t feel like “it is especially amazing here in comparison to other Thai restaurants” at all. The salmon I ordered was good, but the kinds of vegetables were too few. It had only green peas and paprikas.

Well, it is true that it was written on the menu, but what my partner has ordered also had only bamboo sprout and paprikas apart from duck. So I thought it would be a lot more attractive when they try to be more creative by, for example, adding more kinds of vegetables.

As for the spiciness, these two were just a bit spicy, so those who are not big fan of spicy dishes could also enjoy them.

  • Review

In short, this restaurant would be completely for those who don’t want to spend much. If you feel like not spending much but still having a good Thai food, it should be a perfect choice.

If you wish to have an excellent Thai food by spending a bit more, I am pretty sure that there are more suitable Thai restaurants.

Unfortunately I cannot confidently recommend here. It was my first visit, therefore I wrote this article as more like a review.

  • As an aside…

There are really lots of Thai restaurants in Germany. As a travel destination outside of the EU also, Thai is very popular.

I think Thai cuisine fits German’s tongue well, because it’s seasoned strong enough (salty and a bit spicy), exotic and very different from German cuisine. It’s cooked with lots of vegetables therefore I guess it gives an impression to Germans that it’s healthy.

Many Germans think that thanks to the healthy diet with a low calorie and many vegetables, there are few fat Asians.

In my opinion, it wouldn’t be just because of the diet but also with a high likelihood it’s simply an ethnical characteristic or just having a gene that doesn’t make you fat. Besides that I know there are fat Asians too.

Sometimes there are Germans who are a bit too extreme, saying “I’ve never seen a fat Asian”. When I hear something like that I always think “no way” 🙂

Thai is popular as an oversea travel destination with several reasons. It has a full “resort” atmosphere with a warm and tropical climate and it is very different from Germany – you can ride on an elephant and you can visit very Buddhistic areas – Germans tend to wish to be in a very different place from your every day life during a vacation.

Besides that, what matters here is the low price level. In comparison to Germany or Japan, the price level in Thailand is of course a lot lower. The feeling of “doing a lot without spending a lot” is something Germans like very much.

Germans tend to save usually and they tend to consider wasting money is bad and saving is good. From a Japanese perspective, sometimes they try to save too much and I often think “well that is not just economical anymore but a stingy” 🙂

Therefore, in comparison to, for example Japan, whose price level is similar to Germany, Thai is a popular travel destination where Germans can casually afford.

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