About me

Hi, I’m Neo, an author of this blog. If you are wondering “what kind of person is writing this blog?”, you are on the right page – here I’m answering most of your questions. 

I am…

  • Living in Germany 
  • From Japan
  • At the age of being called “young”
  • Loving to draw colorful abstract and landscape paintings
  • Newly-wed (A German partner)
  • With professional experiences in a digital business area

■ What did I come through until starting a blog?

I was born and have been grown up in Japan as quite an average Japanese girl. After graduating from a Japanese university, I’ve moved to Germany by myself in order to continue my study. A few years later I’ve successfully received a double master degree from both German and Danish universities.
When I was writing a master thesis, I started to work in a digital business area and I became an intern, eventually a full time worker. I am a freelancer now.

I already have a permanent residence permit in Germany. 
I thought there must be many people who find it useful to learn from my experiences.

■ Reason why I decided to start a blog

I’ve been casually spending every day so far. However, my life is simple but going fantastic (I’m 120% satisfied with my life as of now), therefore I noticed (also being encouraged by others) I might have experiences and my own thoughts that might be worth being shared with others.

I was used to be just an average Japanese girl, yet why was it possible for me globally to acquire everything I wanted, to accomplish all I wanted to do and to feel stably happy every day … – I would like to share them in this blog.

■ Purpose of writing a blog

By sharing tips to live your life with a full satisfaction based on my experiences and thoughts about life with readers, I would like as many readers as possible to feel little happiness in simple every day life. 

■ Ideal lifestyle

Live your live freely in your own way without being influenced / disturbed by the society or your surroundings. With such a lifestyle, make sure to get what you want to have and live happily every day.

My first article might be interesting for you too, if you are curious to get to know NEO FREESTYLE further:【Upon starting a blog】Little happiness in every day life – how to find them Feel free to check it out. 

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